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  • What if I want something that is not shown?
    If there is something that you would like made that you do not see on the site you can contact us. This is considered a Custom Item. We would love to work with you to design what you would like!
  • What if I do not want writing on a design that has writing?
    We can either adjust where the image is sitting on the board or change the size of the board.
  • What if I want writing on a design that does not have a writing option?
    If there is a design you see that does not have that option you can contact us and we can let you know if it's possible to add writing. This would be considered a Custom Item. Usually we will have to adjust the size of the board to be able to accomidate writing which may effect the price.
  • How fast is the turnaround?
    Once paid in full it takes between 7-10 business days to create before being shipped out. Delays due to material or shipping may occur but customer will be told via email provided if any delays do occur.
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