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About Us

Growing up, I always loved creating/making things and taking pictures of people and nature. My favourite gifts to give were homemade gifts made from my heart, each one made or chosen specifically for that special person in my life, be it a family member or a friend. 

My first gifts at the ripe old age of 7, were homemade pot holders, then I learned how to crochet and made my mum a scarf - which she accepted SO graciously, like it was the BEST thing she'd ever seen! I then started into photography, which mainly focused on my sister and nature. Next came string art, which has become so fun for me to push myself to create detailed art. 

I have learned that I love working with wood and tools, whether it is wood burning, nails, various saws, and more. 

I hope you enjoy what I love doing and see decor that you would love to have in your home and also give to a friend for their home. 

The owner standing in front of her red barn.
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